Meeting the requirements of today's trade with quality products in a flexible and innovative manner is the target of our company.

As a family-owned business, independent and rich in tradition, we are trained to serve as the connective link between industrial production
and our worldwide clientele in the sector of vehicle construction, train- and shipbuilding, as well as transport servicing and trade with components.

Due to our experience of many years and with the help of  trustworthy and high-performance partners, we are able to provide individual solutions, offers and service as to the sourcing of vehicle components, the composition of  replacement parts or the development of a specific product, required in a tender and/or project.

We exclusively supply quality products coming from well-known brands or suppliers, which are being produced under the rigid standards implied by the European Union.

You will find yourself attended by a well-trained team of people, which is highly motivated and gladly provides any information concerning our extensive program.

On request we obviously manage logistics entirely, issue the required export documentation and care for credit- and transport insurance.

On-schedule shipments are permitting streamlined stock-keeping for our clients.